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This is the signup form for the weekly Diabolical Plots Newsletter., providing the following all filtered by your genre and pay preferences:
1.  List of new market listings.
2.  List of market openings and closures.
3.  List of upcoming themed submission deadlines.
4.  Spotlight on new Grinder features that have been developed.
5.  Links to useful writing resources

NOTE: For the Min Cents/Word field, there are a few special values to keep in mind.
  • -1:  will not filter based on pay (this is equivalent to leaving the box blank).
  • 0:  will exclude markets with Unknown or Non-Paying values, but will include markets that are marked as paying anything, including <1 cent/word.
  • 1 and up:  will exclude all markets that are marked as paying less than this value of cents/word.  The value of "1" with this field will show the same markets as the value of "Semi-Pro" would show you with the previous field.  The value of "5" with this field will show the same markets as the value of "Pro" would show you with the previous field.
DEFINITIONS:  A couple definitions for newly added fields
  • "Non-Standard Contracts":  this flag includes markets that we have flagged as having contracts that appear to have contract clauses that may affect the ability of a writer to maintain control of their own work.  This may include transfer of copyright to the publisher, or lack of a rights reversion clause, or agreeing to publication at the time of submission.  This is based only on publicly visible information on the publisher site, so keep in mind you should always read contracts carefully and don't be afraid to get a second opinion.
  • "Mandatory Newsletter": this flag includes markets where submitting and being subscribed to their promotional newsletter are tied together.  This can mean either that they will only accept submissions from subscribers to their newsletter, or that they will automatically send newsletters to anyone who submits.  This flag is provided for those who would like to keep control of their incoming email and not end up with a stream of promotional emails from every publication they submit to.

David Steffen
Diabolical Plots, L.L.C.

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blank to exclude nothing, 0 to show all paying markets, 1 or more to show only markets that pay at least that cents/word
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